“THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL Newspaper Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary”

28 Aug


THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL Newspaper celebrates 1 year anniversary today.  It was August 28, 2010 when the paper was founded by Brenda Johnson Padgitt who is also the editor of  THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL.  ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC. is the parent company and publisher of THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL.  The paper publishes local, regional, national and international news stories. 

THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL Newspaper’s goal is to deliver timely, newsworthy and accurate news stories for its readers.  Over this past year, the journal has done interesting news stories on Madame C. J. Walker’s great great grand daughter, today’s owners of Madame C.J. Walker’s Manufacturing Co, a popular teenage youth band call “Jazz Jr.” from Dallas, Texas and one of California’s own film makers, Eunice Bridges.  Continue to read THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL Newspaper for newsworthy stories that are local, regional, national and international.  You can also subscribe to THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL Newspaper online to stay up to date with our news stories.  Our news stories will be delivered to your computer by clicking RSS from the front page of our paper located at

For more information on THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL Newspaper, how to submit an idea for a news story or press release, you can call our news team at 1-800-775-2708 ext. 3080.

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