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ASWIFTT Author Bridgett Fifer To Release Her First Book December 15, 2016

TTLFMBridgettFiferFRTCVERDr. Bridgett Fifer and ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC to release “Transcend To Legacy: Facing Myself” on December 15, 2016. Dr. Fifer is excited about her upcoming publication and taking her place among ASWIFTT authors. Facing myself, is a self help book which describe situations and events that led Dr. Fifer into facing herself. The book provides self-help exercises and innovative activities to help readers explore and identify issues that have contributed to experiencing loneliness, unbalanced emotions, unanswered questions of existence and behaviors that have refrained many from walking into their destiny.

Facing myself allowed Dr. Fifer to become honest with her strengths and weaknesses that were preventing her from living and leading a life that would leave a legacy for future generations to follow. She also learned that strengths can be weaknesses and weaknesses can be viewed as strengths. Dr. Fifer found that she lost the love she once had for herself due to rejection, fear, and self doubt. Facing myself helped Dr. Fifer to experience a healing and a newly found love for herself after dealing and facing her own internal brokenness. Recognizing that it is okay to be different and uniquely made, Dr. Fifer describes how she faced God, her singleness, relationships and leadership.

Dr. Bridgett fifer is a native of Kankakee, IL. who has achieved levels of success few would have expected. She holds a Bridgett FiferBachelor of Science degree, Masters of Management and a Doctorate in Education. Dr. Fifer is an author, entrepreneur, educator, mentor, motivational speaker and a member of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild. She has launched a “Get Her Done” program to assist students with obtaining their GED.  A women of awe-inspiring influence, Dr. Fifer has been a keynote speak and trainer who brings energy and inspiration for educational sectors and businesses for the purposes of reforming both individuals and organizations in the continued quest for the improvement and quality of life. She also has a charismatic influence that reaches a wide range audience by crossing age and cultural lines.

An ambitious trailblazer, Dr. Fifer is full of creativity and innovation which creates an atmosphere of resilience to encourage, empower and connect individuals to develop self-confidence to transcend into their destiny.

For more information about “Transcend To Legacy: Facing Myself” contact ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC at: or call us at: 1-800-775-2708.


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