ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC 

                 (Ambassadors Sent With Information For This Time)

ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC welcomes manuscript submissions from authors who want to publish their books with our publishing company.  Authors who desire to solicit our services at ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC must first read our company’s mission statement which is listed on our website.  The ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC MISSION STATEMENT gives authors an insight on the requirements and guidelines for the books we publish. 

Submissions for publication must adhere to the requirements below:

1.  Authors must request a copy of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC AUTHOR SURVEY.  Complete, sign and date THE ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC AUTHOR SURVEY and return it along with your book’s Table of Contents, Chapter 1 (one), Chapter 2 (two) and the last chapter of your book to ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC.

by e-mail or regular U.S. mail to: or mail it to:


P.O. Box 380669

Duncanville, Texas 75138

2. If you send your manuscript to ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC by U.S. mail do not send your original manuscript.  Only send copies.  Your manuscript copy will not be returned. Once ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC reviews your manuscript you will receive notification by U.S. mail from our company about your manuscript.  A decision will be made 2 to 4 weeks from the date ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC receives your manuscript. 

3. If you submit your manuscript by e-mail, you will receive notification by e-mail 2 to 4 weeks from the date ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC receives your manuscript.  The e-mail you use to send your manuscript will be the same e-mail ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC will send your notification. 

4. You will receive a phone call from one of our publishing consultants to begin the publishing process if ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC accepts your manuscript for publication.

Manuscript Submissions that ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC does not publish:

1. Any material that uses obscene, offensive, abusive language or profanity.

2. No Pornography of any kind

3. Any material that degrades any culture, race, origin, ethnicity, religion, social or economic status or background.

4. Content or material that incites, promotes, or encourages violence.

5. Any material that does not represent or support ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC MISSION STATEMENT.

Copyright (c) 2011  ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC. All Rights Reserved




One response to “Submissions

  1. Annette Reid

    March 25, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Hello. I wanted to know if your published books are available on Amazon? Does the author receive any of the books as part of the publishing package?


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