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Wendy Oliveras Stops By ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment 5-16-2015

wendy oliveras pic1Join ASWIFTT Author Wendy Oliveras on ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment on “In The Author’s Corner With Etienne” on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 4 pm EST, 3 pm CST as she talks about her business SHESS Global Alliance, LLC and her most recent book “Let’s Play SHESS, Succeed In Your Game Of Life and Business By Playing Chess: From Pawn To Queen.”  Wendy Oliveras is a Latina entrepreneur, Global IP Search & Business Consultant, HR/Talent Acquisition Specialist, author, columnist, motivational speaker, trainer and career mentor.  She founded Oliveras & Company, Inc., a prominent legal search firm specializing in the recruitment of intellectualLets Play Shess book pic property attorneys, partners, HR professionals and support staff in 2001.  Wendy has created a new way in which to inspire, teach, mentor, and motivate the youth and adults to become better strategic thinkers and problem solvers through chess.  She is Creative Founder & CEO of SHESS Global Alliance, LLC (A Certified MWBE and federal WOSB). The SHESS revolution has begun! The unique and proprietary “SHESS” ideology is designed to encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to have fun and learn to play chess while successfully transferring the chess-playing skills into their real life activities and business.

Oliveras is an Honorary Recipient of the Jersey City’s 15th Annual 2013 “Women of Action” Award and was President of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO) Hudson County Chapter from April 2010 to April 2012.

Don’t forget to tune in online at:  on May 16, 2015 at 3 pm CST and 4 pm EST.

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ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Founders Talk About Their Upcoming Book Release

What About Our Children FRT CVRJoin ASWIFTT Authors Brenda Johnson Padgitt, Eunice Bridges and Glenda Fields on ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment on “In The Author’s Corner With Etienne” on Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 4 pm EST, 3 pm CST as they promote their upcoming book release “What About Our Children?” The book promotion is also in conjunction with their 5th Anniversary in business on June 30, 2015.  They will commemorate their milestone with their co-authored book “What About Our Children?” to be released on June 15, 2015.  The book is a special publication that is dear to each author and founder.  It takes a look at the various issues children and teens face while growing up.  The content in the book tackles subjects such as bullying, child abuse, sibling rivalry, children of divorce, teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, foster care, orphans, teen violence and more.  Brenda, Eunice and Glenda also direct parents, guardians and caregivers to resources and organizations that can help them.  This book was written to encourage readers to get involved and become strong advocates for children because “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child.”

Brenda Johnson Padgitt is an author, publisher, teacher, entrepreneur and insurance broker whose latest book is titled “Pass The Salt Please! Seasoned Believers Add Flavor To Your Life.” Eunice Bridges is an author, playwright and movie producer whose latest book is titled “Eunice Bridges Poetry Collection: Volume I.”  Glenda Fields is a licensed minister, evangelist and author whose latest book is titled “Get Over It! Heal! Move On!: Facing The Enemy Within.”

You can pre-order “What About Our Children?” for $12.95 from:

ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC, P.O. Box 380669, Duncanville,Texas 75138, or E-mail:

To find out more about ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild and its founders you can visit:

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Kenneth Simmons Talks “Land of Simonia” on ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment

The Land of Simonia FRONT CVERJoin ASWIFTT Author Kenneth Simmons on ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment on “In The Author’s Corner With Etienne” on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 4 pm EST, 3 pm CST.   Kenneth will discuss the 2nd edition of his latest book titled “The Land of Simonia” and also his upcoming books and projects.   He started his fiction writings with “The Land of Simonia” in July 2010.   The story is based on the life of 3 brothers Kendeto Karru, Wayen Marsh, and Richus Tenche and their quest to bring peace to their entire galaxy. Along the way their powers will be tested by their galaxy’s most elite warriors in their attempt to conquer Simonia. Victories will be won and lives will be lost but Simonia will live on. Simonia is a beautiful world created by Marrushee Oran, his goal was to create a new race of people that can represent his kingdom’s way of living.

Kenneth Simmons was born in the small town of Greenwood, Mississippi. He grew toKenneth Simmons Pic 1 become a writer at the age of 19.  He married his high school sweetheart in 2004.  They have two handsome little boys and live a good life in Duncanville TX. In 2001, Kenneth gave his life to God.  After that moment there was something placed inside of him.  He wrote his first book of gospel poetry and a collection of stories.  His goal is to give the world something fresh and new to see and read.  He hopes his writings leave you wanting more and more of Simonia.

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ASWIFTT Author Glenda Fields To Appear On “In The Author’s Corner With Etienne”

GlendaFieldspicJoin ASWIFTT Author Glenda Fields on ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment on “In The Author’s Corner With Etienne.” on March 21, 2015 at 3:00 pm CST, 4 pm EST, 1 pm PST, and 5 pm AST on   Glenda is the featured author who will discuss her latest book Get Over It! Heal! Move On!: Facing The Enemy Within is her personal memoirs. The book is a blend of her personal approach with a vision of God’s covering, grace, power, purpose, and destiny unfolded throughout the pages depicting her life’s journey. These memoirs unveil the truth about our internal enemy, our worst nightmare, our biggest critic; our self by exposing how Satan uses people, things, places, in our lives to distort the true meaning of why we are here on planet earth. It reveals his unknown and unseen strategies, woven in various stages of our life.  Glenda is also the author of Look Out The Enemy Is Coming, The Enemy Among Us, Conversations With God, Diary of a Man Heart of a Woman, and I Am on the Verge.  

Glenda was recently honored at the ASWIFTT Literary Visual & Performing Arts Awards with the Literary AWARD, Community Outreach Award, Education Award, Global Outreach Award, Civil Activist Award & the National Outreach Award

Along with her priest, Rufus, the dynamic dual renders a powerful blow to the works of the enemy, threatens his plans, and schemes, as he fires his fiery darts at the Body of Christ.

“Perfection is not my identity, but it is my Destiny!” GWF© (personal quote of Glenda Fields)

To obtain more information about Glenda and her books visit her website at:

Don’t forget to listen to the broadcast on March 21, 2015 at 3:00 pm CST, 4 pm EST, 1 pm PST, and 5 pm AST online at:


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