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ASWIFTT EBOOKS Available Exclusively at ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Bookstore

Silent Cry FRONTCOVER BEBOOKS of your favorite ASWIFTT Authors are now available exclusively at ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC.   All EBOOKs are also priced under $5.00.  Titles available include Silent Cry by Eunice Bridges, which is a fiction story about a young girl named Becky who is deaf and a victim of domestic violence. Becky, not her real name, represents male and female people who develop the merry-go-round syndrome of life. Becky finds herself repeatedly accepting physical, mental and verbal abuse when life holds so much more meaning. Why do people adapt themselves to repeatedly ride the merry-go-round abuse of any kind? FEAR! Fear is a way of The Jersey Devil Is Not REAL FRT CVRtormenting us into staying in a locked down prison cell in a relationship. News Flash! There is a way of escape; you just have to be strong enough to walk through the opened door.  Unreported domestic violence becomes a silent killer when the victim fails to reach out for help. It is also a family tragedy when both victim and perpetrator go without help and professional counseling.  The Jersey Devil Is Not REAL! by Kamille Padgitt, is a Realistic Fiction Story about a little girl who draws her own conclusion about the legend of the Jersey Devil. She learns about the information while playing on her favorite website Poptropica. She began to wonder if the Jersey Devil was real. She went to Youtube to find out more information about the actual story. In the middle of the video she had to exit when her mother called her to eat dinner. She was still confused about the Jersey Devil. What do you think will happen next?  Under The Influence Of The Holy Ghost by Bishop L.L. Cato, is a collection of sermons preached and taught by Bishop L.L. Cato over the years in ministry.  Bishop Cato was called to ministry in 1967 and has written over 100 sermons. He is passionate about ministry and being a good shepherd. UTIOTHG FrTCVERBishop Cato’s sermon collection will inspire, educate and motivate you to live according to the Bible. Pass The Salt Please! Seasoned Believers Add Flavor To Your Life by Brenda Johnson Padgitt, will encourage, inspire and motivate you to learn from Seasoned Believers.  They help mentor and mold young believers into mature Christians.  You will learn to identify those who have a positive impact on your life.  Believers are the salt of the earth and light of the world according to Matthew 5:13-14.  As you continue to grow spiritually under mature and positive mentors you will also say “Pass The Salt Please!” EBOOKS arePass The Salt Please Front Coverjpeg available for download and once purchased they are delivered to your e-mail address.  EBOOK Titles are the electronic version of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC books in print.  ASWIFTT books are unique and quality works that educate, entertain, enlighten and uplift audiences while contributing to the Literary, Visual and Performing Arts.  Other titles available include A Child’s Laughter by Eunice Bridges, How Did I Get Into This Mess? You Compromised, Saith the Lord by Brenda Johnson Padgitt, Eunice Bridges Poetry Collection Volume I, My Baby Sister by Brenda Johnson Padgitt and Articles For Personal Growth and Development by Brenda Johnson Padgitt. Enjoy an EBOOK of your favorite ASWIFTT Author today by visiting the ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC Bookstore at


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