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ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC Books Added To Dallas Public Library

Silent Cry FRONTCOVER BThe Dallas Public Library has added new ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC Books to their book shelf.  You can now check out “Silent Cry” by Eunice Bridges.  Silent Cry is a fiction story about a young girl named Becky who is deaf and a victim of domestic violence. Becky, not her real name, represents male and female people who develop the merry-go-round syndrome of life. Becky finds herself repeatedly accepting physical, mental and verbal abuse when life holds so much more meaning. Why do people adapt themselves to repeatedly ride the merry-go-round abuse of any kind? FEAR! Fear is a way of tormenting us into staying in a locked down prison cell in a relationship. News Flash! There is a way of escape; you just have to be strong enough to walk through the opened door. Unreported domestic violence becomes a silent killer when the victim fails to reach out for help. It is also a family tragedy when both victim and perpetrator go without help and professional counseling.


My Baby Sister FRONTCOVER SpanishThe Dallas Public Library has also added “Mi Hermana Bebe” and “Articles For Personal Growth and Success” by Brenda Johnson Padgitt. Mi Hermana Bebe’ es un libro de ficcion de ninos sobre Danielle que aprende que ser una hermana grande puede ser realmente chulo. Cuando ella tenia 5 anos su madre anuncio’ que una hermanita o el hermano eran por el camino. La madre de Danielle estaba embarazada consu hermanita. Danielle estuvo exitado al principio hasta que toda la atencion continuara Kayla. Cuando Kayla comenzo’ a avanzar lentamente y andar luego a Danielle no le gusto’ la golpeadura, cortante y dar una patada que Kayla le hizo. Danielle finalmente aprendio’ a girar la rivalidad de hermano.

“AArticles for Personal Growth and Development FrontCoverrticles for Personal Growth and Development” Volume I is a collection of articles published by Brenda Johnson Padgitt that are thought provoking, informative and aid in Personal Growth and Development. She has written articles for Equanimity Magazine, Ezine Articles, Bukisa Articles and The ASWIFTT Journal Newspaper.


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