Author Resources

ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC.  has a toolbox of resources that is periodically updated for authors who publish their books with ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC.  We want to help our authors produce Quality & Unique published works.  ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC. also wants our authors to be knowledgeable, equipped, proficient, expedient and accurate in their chosen craft.  The resources we provide to assist our authors in their research include Books, Articles, CDs, DVDs, Websites and more.

E-mail us at: to request a list of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC. author resources and the policies and procedures of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC. toolbox program.

If you are ordering Books, CDs, DVDs, Pamplets, Magazines or Manuals, please send $8.00 in a check, money order or cashier’s check payable to:

ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC., P.O. Box 380669, Duncanville, Texas 75138

Resource Items will be processed 5 business days from the date ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC. receives your order.

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild provides networking for those who have the talent to put pen or brush to paper to create a Unique & Valuable piece of work.  ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild is always looking for authors, playwrights, directors, artists, movie producers, actors, journalists, illustrators, photo artists, photographers and those who enhance the Literary, Visual & Performing Arts.

If you are interested in joining call 1-866-302-0508, E-Mail:  or fill out an application online at:   Membership is $65.00 a year.

Continuing Education Classes

ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC. partners with educators who offer online continuing education classes to help authors perfect their skills in writing, research, creative thinking and other self help topics.  ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC helps its clients with publishing their projects and resources to master their craft.  Courses such as “The Creative Writer” & “Teach Me How To Publish” are available at 

All clients of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC get a discount on writing classes offered at  For more information E-mail us at:

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